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From Ancient Egypt to
Present Afghanistan

Of all the species, only humans kill for reasons other than instinctive drives for survival or food. People, unlike any other creatures, engage in legally-sanctioned killing to achieve political, ideological or religious ends; what we otherwise call war. In addition to horrific sights, sounds, and smells on the battlefield, the nature of warfare, social and technological change in the past 5,000 years, continues to evolve at an ever accelerating pace.

Karl von Clausewitz described war as continuation of politics by other means.

In 1816 Napoleon said, "A battle sometimes decides everything; and sometimes the most trifling thing decides the fate of a battle."

• What lessons have been learned after 5,000 years of warfare?

• How will the next great epic battle alter your world?

You decide.

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50 BATTLES: 5,000 Years of Conflict

This letter-sized book is a condensed history of the essential battles that have impacted the world for the past 5,000 years.Well over 50 maps and illustrations are included. This book includes the first historical battle in Egypt that unified that nation and gave the world a written language and progresses to the present world-class struggle in the Middle East.

This is a perfect reference book for anyone who is studying world history. It comes with many explanations as to why battles took place and the result of the outcome.

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Out of print and for reference only. Please see Battles That Altered the World.

The Quest for Superhuman Solutions

Mythology assumes a new dimension when creative storytelling takes on the mantle of absolute truth. Is current objectivity tainted by Iron Age wisdom? This book is a great guide to the ancient and modern quest to establish superheroes that transcended common man. Were these early "superheroes" the beginning of some religions?

You decide.

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Mythology is the essence of memorable storytelling. From earliest times people in every part of the world have used oral narratives to describe the mysteries, tragedies, and foibles of human existence.

Stories passed from generation to generation and were often filled with vivid imagery, gross exaggerations, and laced with inaccuracies. Due to the typically authoritarian setting for the storyteller, mythology evolved from simple explanations to the supernatural, the superhero, and the sacred.

The result in all early cultures was complex and fanciful tales of humanoid gods and goddesses who impacted nature, human activities ranging from creation to birth, death, the afterlife, and everything in between. It is a human characteristic to want to believe in the superhuman. The legacy of mythology impacts us all.

Superheroes Pagans & Deities makes the case that mythology and paganism continue to effect our daily lives.

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Illustrated, 5.5" x 8.0" 224 pages



Collector's History, 5th Edition

This book has detailed historical references and hundreds of illustrations of two legendary, American arms manufacturers.

Starting in 1864, Stevens Arms became the largest sporting arms company in the world by 1912. The company was involuntarily sold to Westinghouse Electric just prior to WW I and was later acquired by Savage Arms in 1920.


Savage & Stevens Arms both have uniquely American histories that are represented by condensed original source materials of interest to collectors and history-buffs.

ISBN: 978094289300X......$25.00
Illustrated, 8.25" x 10.75" 260 pages

Since Pearl Harbor, 3rd Edition

Founded soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy Construction Battalions (Seabees) included up to 325,000 personnel before the end of WW II.

The Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq were also emergency, war-time crises that required both construction and fighting skills.

The Seabees and the Navy's Civil Engineer Corps have repeatedly earned their "Can Do!" designation during wars and natural disasters throughout the world. Extensive photographs.

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Illustrated, 8.5" x 11" 232 pages.



This book is a pictorial history of Western Americana at the apex of the Old West.

It contains over 300 rare photographs with detailed captions and richly detailed articles that include the Native American point of view.

An amazing amount of uniquely American history was condensed within the few decades following the Civil War.

Many events led up to the "shocking" defeat of Custer, but the most dramatic career that spanned that entire period was that legendary warrior/scout and international showman, Buffalo Bill Cody.

ISBN: 9780942893018......$30.00
Illustrated, 10.75" x 8.25" 214 pages

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