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Here is what some reviewers have to say about "50 Battles"...

"Great Book! It is a must read for every student of military history, or anybody interested in history in general."

Matt Hurtado
former USN, Merchant Marine

“I find your method of identifying and summarizing 50 battles that changed the world very intriguing because you cut to the core of each event. It is an interesting review of the overall cause and effect of a battle and its relevance to future events.”

William K. Young
RAdm NYNM Retired, Capt. USN Retired

"I liked the fact that each chapter is independent of the other and that the reader doesn't have to read the whole book at once, and as a retired Military Officer I can appreciate the enormous amount of research that had to be done to be able to write this book. I found this book to be very informative and anyone who appreciates military history will find these 50 battles well worth their time to read."

William O'Neill
LTC US Army, Retired

"50 Battles: 5,000 Years of Conflict is a military history atlas that scrutinizes over 50 conflicts that changed the world, from the era of Troy to the Iraqi War of 2003. Illustrated in black-and-white with a confluence of maps, 50 Battles: 5,000 Years of Conflict traces the progression, deciding factors, costly mistakes, and other historical details of each battle. A fascinating resource to browse for non-specialist general readers and military historians alike."

James A. Cox
The Midwest Book Review, March 5, 2005

"A very readable and enjoyable account of the world's 50 most important battles, where each battle reads as its own mini-chapter. Well researched with an amazing amount of detail. Also, I particularly liked the fact that this book is written as informational and not political."

Steven M. Lucas

"Jay Kimmel's '50 Battles' is an important reference for true military historians. In a clear, concise way, it offers details of some of the most important battles of human history. A quick reference to refresh your memory and to educate others."

Rusty Pickett Captain
USN (Ret) [Nuclear submarines

"I found 50 Battles to be very informative. It is evident that a lot of research went in to this military history book. I enjoyed reading it very much, and am happy to add my opinion."

Richard Morey
EOC U.S. Navy Seabee (retired

"I am enjoying the book. The early battles are most interesting, and of those-the battle of Agincourt [France, 1415] was the best. You captured the salient features of these battles, and made them come to life without most of the verbiage you find written by other authors. Most of the books I've read on this subject read like textbooks-very boring. I found your accounts interesting and easy to read."

Thomas Schwartz
Lt. Col. USAF (Ret

"A very comprehensible and condensed look at a broad array of world events that have resulted in major, military conflicts that altered the course of human history. Each chapter can be read independently, or in the time sequence that they actually occurred. A well documented book."

Ken Manske
former Captain USAF [Instructor/Navigator], licensed pilot

"An excellent job in recording the most important battles of the last 5,000 years. A must read for military historians and students of military history. It leaves the reader with wonderment on what the future holds. Highly recommended reading."

D.J. Egelus

“Covering 5,000 years of conflict is not an easy task. Doing so without coming off as a textbook is monumental. Jay Kimmel has met that goal. ’50 Battles’ is an interesting guide through history, beginning with The Scorpion King in 3050 B.C.E. and ending with the Iraq War in 2003. Throughout the pages readers will experience what really went on during those battles and not political propaganda that can sometimes be found in books about war.

Kimmel offers concise details to historians, military enthusiasts and general readers alike. Each battle is described in a short chapter, from three to six pages in length and includes such information as explanation of the conflict to begin with, important moments of progression and mistakes, details of battle style, moments of historical significance and the influence on the area after the war. I was impressed by Kimmel’s ability to write the text as fact, yet in a tone that draws the reader in and captures interest. I am no historian, nor military fan and I found the collection most interesting. I was especially drawn to the battles that involved the ancient Celts and those of the Native Americans. ’50 Battles’ is ideal for students to have an initial resource. The amount of research that went into the book is abundantly clear and I respect Kimmel highly for the undertaking and subsequent result. Let everyone who reads the book learn from our mistakes, i.e., meaning that I hope we can learn to avoid war when at all possible.”

Zanne Marie Gray
Editor-in-Chief, BookReview.com

"A concise and valuable quick overview of mankind-altering military events."

Jim Bock

"50 Battles is an exceptional reader for the military plateaus of world history. It inspired my 14th diorama, 'Battle of Falaise Gap.'

Dr. Thomas J. Ryan Jr.